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1 DOWN, 3 TO GO!

 The summer break is only a blink of an eye away and let’s face it, the first term of year 12 has been extremely draining and you are craving some serious sleep. With your first few assessments out of the way you feel like taking a break, and of course enjoying the summer sun doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. With all of your friends calling and making the same plans it looks like you’re not going to be falling behind at school either so it’s a win/win situation…

Woken up from your day dream yet?


While a break seems very tempting, the truth is your summer break is your greatest asset in your HSC year and the way you use it can help make or break your Half Yearly exam results not to mention your Trial exams and your HSC results. So the big question is, how do you make the most of this holiday to maximise your chances for success in these exams? Here are some strategies that can help you take control:

  • Use lists

Lists are a great way to help you get a grasp on the tasks you have to complete over the holiday. If you know what you need to do before the holiday begins you’ll have a much better idea of the time you’ll need to get it all done.

  • Be specific

When you make your list, break it up into categories- these may include homework, assessments, summaries, study etc. This way you not only know what you need to do, but what kind of commitment it requires.

  •  Prioritise

Once you know what you need to do, you’ll need to figure out in what order you’ll need to start knocking off tasks from your list. Would you benefit from completing a task in the first week before others? For example, you would benefit more from completing your homework and summaries before attempting a past paper.

  • Use your teachers while you still have access to them

Before you go off on holidays ask your teachers what you’ll need to do to be prepared for the term ahead. Find out what your weaknesses are and what you can do to improve on them. Most importantly, find out if your teachers are accessible over the holidays if you need help.

  • Use your friends

Make times to catch up with friends to work with each other on assessments or study.

  •  Just do it

Whenever you feel like procrastinating or holding off on a task, give yourself a little push and think ‘Just do it’. All it takes is the act of opening up your books holding your pen and getting into the rhythm of things and before you know it you won’t want to put your pen down

Above all else, don’t forget to take some time to actually enjoy the break- rewarding yourself will help you stay motivated and on task.

Happy studying

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