HSC+ Cave

What comes to mind when you think of a cave? It is warm. A space big enough to accommodate you yet small enough to provide a sense of comfort. It is a place where you can escape the outside world, a place of refuge, where you can gather your thoughts, build your strengths and prepare for what the world has to offer. The HSC Plus Study cave is exactly that.

The Cave provides students with the  opportunity to study in a place that is comfortable, conducive to their study and close to home, home being AOE of course!

Designed with the students in mind, the cave offers a funky design, decked out with study booths, a photocopier, wireless internet access, a comfy couch, whiteboards, group study desks, and an info wall full with relevant brochures about current and post school opportunities. The cave even offers a chalkboard wall- a place where students can make pledges of their hopes and dreams and motivate each other with influential statements for all to share.

The HSC is no longer the same without the cave.













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