HSC+ Resource Library

Everyone says practice makes perfect. But it doesn’t; practice only makes permanent. If you want to be perfect, you’ll need to practice with the perfect resources.

With HSC Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to the right resources to support you excel in your subjects through the HSC Plus Online Resource Library. This isn’t just a BIG database of questions; we’ve searched far and wide to find the BEST questions and resources from the TOP schools, students and teachers across NSW.

Whether you’re just learning a topic or trying to revise an old one, we’ve got you covered with thousands of topic by topic exam style questions. There are hundreds and hundreds of past papers; from topic tests, half yearlies, prelims and HSC trials, including those from the elite schools in NSW.

The HSC Plus Online Resource Library also contains detailed notes, summaries and past essays, to ensure that you have information on every part of the syllabus. No matter what time of the year, the resource library is constantly updated, as students and teachers upload and share their own resources.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t matter what subjects you’re enrolled in; you’ll have access to the entire resource library. The HSC Plus Online Resource Library is one-stop shop for all your resource needs.