Student Testimonials


  • as

    Alpha was MAD fun, while at the same time- great for boosting your life.  The teachers were the best and were always there to help out whenever I needed it.

  • nf

    Alpha was great! The lessons were fun, all the teachers are intensely passionate and kept me motivated the whole year.

  • af

    The best thing about Alpha Omega was the Motivation

  • fm

    One of the best things about Alpha Omega for me was that they really care about their students.  They help us believe in ourselves.

  • gp

    Alpha’s coaching helped me achieve great results!

  • ht

    Alpha was extremely helpful!  The teachers are excellent – without alpha’s tutoring, I would have never gotten my high marks.

  • jd

    Alpha was great! Their teaching style was comfortable, educational and highly motivational.  They provided me with the support I needed to achieve my goals.

  • kt

    The experience at Alpha was amazing! You don’t just get positive coaching for studies, you get coaching for life.

  • ks

    I was really struggling with my studies during my final year, so decided to get tutoring at AOE.  The result? I got a massive boost in my motivation and my marks shot right up! THANK YOU ALPHA OMEGA!

  • na

    Tutoring at Alpha Omega was AWESOME!

  • st

    Alpha is fun, motivating and really helpful! You can socialize and have a laugh while studying at the same time!

  • tz

    Alpha was always interesting and it’s a great learning environment.  The teachers make the classes both fun and motivating!

  • vs

    Alpha was excellent, the teachers are great, as well as the way they teach.  It was really a great experience that encouraged me to achieve whatever I wanted to achieve, so I did.

  • yc

    The Alpha experience was more than just tutoring.  The atmosphere was positive, the lessons always fun and motivational.