HSC+ Tuition

Like all the best sports players in the world, to be the best, you cannot simply do it on your own. You need a coach and you need training sessions. At the core of the HSC Plus program is the weekly tuition curriculum which is sure to provide you with all the subject specific content, resources, assessment and advice you will need to achieve your goals and be the best.

With weekly 2hr lessons that are interactive and entertaining, taught by some of the most experienced and motivational teachers, these lessons will give you an opportunity to finish the course early and practice for exams sometimes months in advance.

Assessment and feedback is an important way of tracking whether or not you are on track. HSC Plus tuition classes have structured course outlines which include consistent quizzes at the end of every topic and module and simulated mock exams for major milestones including half yearly and trial examinations. To top it off, all physics, chemistry and biology students will have access to our own HSC Plus science lab to practice for their practical assessments. With engaging content and an ample amount of examples and support, HSC Plus Tuition will definitely put you on the right track.


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