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So you’ve just finished year 10 and you’re going to be starting Year 11 next year. What is going through your mind?


‘I can’t wait to kick back and take this break because once I start year 11 I want to get serious with school…OR…Why would I need to think any differently? Isn’t year 11 just like year 10…OR…I’m going to be really serious and do well right from the beginning because second best just isn’t good enough…’


Whichever of the three scenarios you might relate most to, the truth is Year 11 is a very different world to Year 10. There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration to make sure you get the best start possible with the 2 biggest years of your schooling life ahead of you. If you feel stuck and you’re not sure where to start here are a few things to consider:


  •  Think about what you’re wanting to study at university

While it may seem very far away, thinking about your university course and picturing the future can really bring things into perspective. By knowing what you want to do, you’ll realise the hard work you need to start applying from now to help you get there.


  •  Read ahead

If you’re staying at the same school find out who your teachers are going to be and get some tips on what you can do to get ahead. What text book will you be using? What will the first topic be? How can you prepare for this topic? If you’re moving to another school, you can always ask friends who might be older than you for tips on what you can do. If you are feeling a little forgetful of work you have already studied try and use this time to revise and develop your basics.


  •  Get to know your syllabus

Each subject will have a syllabus that you can access on the Board of Studies website. Read over these during your holiday and get to know each subject and what will be expected of you when you start year 11.


  •  Develop good habits

Use the time you have during the holidays to set good habits that will be useful during year 11 and 12. These habits can include reading every night before going to bed, waking up when you would normally wake up for school rather than sleeping in, setting a minimum number of hours aside a day to study so you don’t need to waste time developing the habit when you go back to school etc.


  •  Organise your space and resources

You will need some space to keep all of the notes and text books you will be using in year 11 so make sure you have some space at home for this. Get organised by having a folder or section in a folder for each subject so your notes don’t go missing and you always know where to go to find what you need.



Above all, start year 11 with a positive mind set. In many ways this is a fresh start, redefine who you are by eliminating bad habits and cement the good ones. Keeping a positive approach to your experiences can really make a difference to the success that will come your way.

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